Are Tongues Normative for Today?

Acts 2:3-4

There are many people today who believe that tongues are “normative” in Christian life. By “normative” I mean that people think that speaking in tongues is the standard for all believers in Jesus Christ. In fact they typically will also say that unless a believer speak in tongues, they are not filled with the spirit, or maybe they are not even saved! While this is interesting to postulate it is not true–as we will see in 1 Corinthians 12-14, Continue reading “Are Tongues Normative for Today?”


Read the Word

slide-62.jpgDid you know…

Many of us have more Bibles in our home than we have human beings that could read them. I am guilty of this–in my office alone, I have more than 20!

Meanwhile, only about 550 languages of the world’s 7000 languages have the whole Bible in that language. This means that there are nearly 180 million people who do not have the Bible in their language. Continue reading “Read the Word”

10 Things You Can Do To Grow Your Faith

Many people ask, “What can I do to grow in my faith?” You think that it will take
scheduling gymnastics in order to make any progress. The truth is, it only takes one small change to make a big impact. This list is not designed to be an exhaustive list of things to do. Nor is it designed to be implemented in it’s entirety. The thing that will help you grow spiritually is make one small change and actually do it. Pick one and get started today! Continue reading “10 Things You Can Do To Grow Your Faith”