Read the Word

slide-62.jpgDid you know…

Many of us have more Bibles in our home than we have human beings that could read them. I am guilty of this–in my office alone, I have more than 20!

Meanwhile, only about 550 languages of the world’s 7000 languages have the whole Bible in that language. This means that there are nearly 180 million people who do not have the Bible in their language.

Thankfully there are about 2,300 languages have some portion of the New Testament! But, that leaves about 1800 languages still have no part of the Bible in their language!

While people around the world are starving for scripture, those of us in the Western world who have Bibles don’t read them regularly. Barna says that 88% of American households have a Bible in them but only 37% of Americans read it ONCE A WEEK! Once a week, really? How do we expect it to effect our lives if we are not reading it!

We are amazingly privileged to have a Bible in our language, that is not illegal to own, and that we can read because there are sooo many translations. Yet we don’t act like we are privileged, because we don’t read it.

Christians in other countries, who are lucky enough to own a Bible, cherish the Word of God and read it over and over and over again.

Let me encourage you to read your Bible EVERY DAY.

Go do it NOW!


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