10 Things You Can Do To Destroy Your Faith

What-NOT-to-Do-to-Destroy-Trust-David-DeWolf.jpgI am always asked, “Chris, what can I do to take my faith to the next level.” I have answered that question here a week ago. Mostly, the ways we grow our faith are obvious things that we just don’t do. Today, I decided to make a list of ways to ruin your faith. I tried to do it in a somewhat humorous way–though most of them are far from it. So, if you want to destroy your faith, here is the list:

  1. Stay home from church.
  2. Don’t pray–EVER!
  3. Go to church, but instead of listening, silently judge everyone you see.
  4. Use your Bible as a desk paperweight, but never open it.
  5. When you have the opportunity to sin–do it!
  6. Take God’s name in vain regularly.
  7. Doubt that God can forgive you for something that you have done.
  8. Mistreat each friend and family member at least once a day.
  9. Always point out the sin of others instead of taking care of the sin you have.
  10. Spend the weekend watching TV or playing video games so that you may not accidentally run into that person who God has asked you to share your faith with.

What did I leave out? Let me know by commenting below.


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