How to Have a Quiet Time

bible-and-coffee“DiscipleHelps: A DiscipleYouth Daily Quiet Time Guide,” gives two critical steps for developing a Quiet Time. This is a good formula for people of all ages.
  • Make a commitment to observe a Quiet Time daily.
  • Develop a plan to observe your Quiet Time daily.

Let me talk about both of those points quickly.

If you want to have a daily Quite Time, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A DAILY QUIET TIME. No one can force you to spend time with God. YOU and ONLY YOU can make the decision to spend time with God.

Since this is true, you have to make the choice to set apart this time. If you want to have a thriving relationship with the Lord, then you have to start today. You cannot wake up tomorrow having fast-forwarded over the work that it takes to build this relationship. So, YOU HAVE TO START DOING SOMETHING TODAY TO BEING THAT PROCESS. From personal experience, once you have felt the joy of the relationship it becomes easier for you to keep the appointment you have made with God each day. Go ahead and make the decision to start right now!

Now that you have made the decision to start a Quiet Time you need a plan. There are four priorities to consider when making a plan:

1. A definite time.

The first step in planning a quiet time is to pick a time. Many like the morning—including Jesus—but others like the afternoon or evening. They are all good times. The most important part is that it is a time you commit to each day. You need to add it to your schedule and then protect it—don’t let others steal that time away. You may have to tell someone, “Sorry, I can’t, I have another appointment.” We schedule time for things that are important to us—and we keep those appointments. So, we have to do the same things in our relationship with Jesus.

2. A definite place.

The second step is to pick a place that you will meet God everyday. This place will become very special to you. The best places are free from distractions and interruptions. I have two—a home place and work place. The actual place is less important than that you actually have a place that is the same. The most important thing is that you have a place that is just for you and God.

3. The right tools.

The third step is to have the right tools. Typical tools include: your Bible, pen/pencil, and paper. You will want to write down thoughts, feelings, insights, or prayers. Something I use frequently is a Bible Study software. This helps me look up words or verses that go along with what I am reading. There are also many great online tools you can use to dig into the scripture. [Put tools that you use in the comments below.]

4. The right attitude.

You must have the right attitude when you spend time with God. We must have the proper respect for God. We also must come to God with and open heart and mind. We need to be ready to listen to and obey what God tells us to do. God knows what is on your mind and heart, so you need to be honest with him. If you being with a poor attitude, start off by telling God about it—ask Him to help change it so that you are ready to hear from Him.

Regardless of whatever your plan is, make sure that you stick to it. You might miss a day along the way of developing this habit—but don’t give up. When I miss a meal I don’t say, “Well, I’m just not going to eat anymore.” What I do is pick up where I left off—I eat at the next available opportunity. In the same way if you miss a meeting with God just pick it up the next day. If something happens that keeps getting in the way of you having a Quiet Time then you either need to guard your time or change your time. Either way is fine, just find a way to make it work. You can also talk with others and discover when and how they have their time alone with God. The main thing is keep trying…don’t quit!



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