Your Bible is a Blessing!

a-guy-reading-the-bible-photo-courtesy-of-c2a9istockphoto-comartisticcaptures-image-5606277I read this recently:

A single 30-minute sermon is more time in the Word than 3 billion+ people in the world have had engaging the Word in their entire lifetime.

I was thinking about a friend of mine who is a missionary around the world (can’t say where…). He has on multiple occasions asked churches here in the states to send people over to “train pastors.” Most of the churches don’t think that it is possible for them to “train pastors,” but the reality is that most anyone who is a Christian here in the states has more Bible training than most–if not all–the people that they will be “training.”

When churches do send people to train, pastors travel for days and through danger in order to learn and study more about God’s word.When was the last time you were that hungry for the Word of God?

We have been given a great gift–we have more Bible access on our phones than some places have in their entire country! This truth is challenging; and it begs the question, “Why are we not reading our Bibles more?” and “Why are we so lazy in our study of God’s Word?”

While I don’t have clear answers for the above questions–I have some speculations and they are not very flattering for believers.

So what can we do to overcome our laziness when it comes to God’s Word?

1. Schedule time with God.

There are a lot of things that will try and take you away from spending time with God everyday: work, friends, family, video games, sports, clubs, and SLEEP!

Do yourself a favor—schedule time to spend with God, then be a jerk about keeping it. Spending time with God is THE MOST IMPORTANT activity you can do to make it through the chaos. I love other people and activities, but God is #1! So, I will say no to other things in order to spend time with Him.

Schedule time with God, then guard that time—be a jerk about it.

2. Get a buddy.

Even with the best of intentions we can easily give up or get distracted. Find a friend who will keep you accountable. Text each other every day and ask, “Have you spent time with God today?” Make sure to keep judgement out–this is about accountability. IF you say “YES!” then they go about their day, if “NO” they will encourage you to get to it!

3. Be engaged.

Whether it is volunteering in your Sunday School, Small Group, or Sharing your faith with a family member/neighbor/friend; nothing–and I mean nothing–will ignite your faith like talking about it regularly. This is especially true when it comes to sharing your faith. If you are answering questions and talking about your faith you will be drawn to the Word to find answers.

We who have access to the Word through preaching, study, books, the Internet, etc., have great reason not to take these gifts for granted.


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