Follow the Leader

m01936I remember playing this game when I was a child. We would get in line and whoever was first would take off. All who were behind the leader had to do whatever the leader did. If he jumped, we all jumped. If he crawled, we all crawled. If they….you get the idea.

We often think back to playing this game and think how foolish it is. The reality is that not much changes as we get older. Even though it is not in a game there are still people we look to to be that example for ourselves. 

Paul sets himself up in this position in 1 Corinthians 11:1 when he says, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.”

 The challenge is to imitate Paul’s Faith. Kittle writes, “Imitating faith means not merely striving to live up to the faith of others but a readiness to take the same way of faith in full commitment to Christ.”

What a challenge! This passage often makes me ask myself, “Could I say the same thing?” Would I feel excited or nervous if I were to ask someone to live faith the same way I do? Would I be proud or ashamed? 

When I ask myself these questions God is pinpointing something in my life that needs to be added, or maybe something that needs to be taken away. There may be something that I need to say hello to or something that I need to which I need to say goodbye. Whatever it is, I want to be obedient. 

No matter what we think, there is always someone who is looking at our faith. They are seeing how we live out that faith in our day to day existence. Would you feel comfortable telling someone to follow you the way you are following Christ? If not, it may be time to say hello to a better spiritual life and bye-bye to some sinful habits.


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