How to Pray, When You Don’t Know What to Say!


I was reviewing a book that I had read awhile back in preparation for a lesson I was working on. It is called “How to Pray: When you don’t known what to say.

If you are like me you have been praying for years! Even though it is something I have done my whole life, I always feel like there is something new to learn. Prayer is like any other activity—the more you practice the ‘better’ you become.

Elmer Towns describes it this way:

Like a professional musician running through their scales–you have mastered the basics of prayer. You are great at seeking, thanking, asking and confession. So, what’s next? The reality is that there is a lot more to prayer than just the basics.

Towns continues, “Just as there are many ways that a child talks to his or her parent, there are may ways that we can talk to God.” In fact, throughout the book, he mentions 40 different types of prayer!

The hinge for prayers are what he calls the basics. You learn the basics by praying the Lord’s Prayer. Like a runner running laps to warm up, he encourages believers to pray the Lord’s Prayer to warm up in their prayer time. Using it as a template for how to pray–not merely praying only that prayer.

The other challenges Towns gives is to have a time and place that you meet with God. If you don’t have a time and place, it is likely that you will not spend any time with Him.

When and where do you spend time with God? Do you see it as a chore or as time to spend with your best friend? Let me know in the comments below.


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