What Do You Do to Get Ready for the New Year?

2017“What do you do to get ready for the New Year?”

I asked this question at a pastor’s lunch I attended the other day. The guy across from me looked at me for a moment, sized me up and responded, “What do you mean?”

We both chuckled a bit and I said, “How do you get ready? What do you do? How do you evaluate your past year and make changes for the coming one?” He asked if I meant personally or pastorally–I said BOTH!

We had a great conversation where he laid out how he personally and pastorally “got ready” for the next year. It was insightful, humorous, encouraging and challenging.

The biggest take away from our conversation was the idea that you have to go back to what matters most. Whether it is in your personal or professional life–the gauge for success is how you have done when it comes down to the most basic things you stand for. Have you stood for those things? Have you strayed from God’s mission? Have you been faithful to the vision?

My conversation over lunch still has me reflecting on 2016. You should reflect on it too.

So, what about you? What do you do to get ready for the New Year?


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