10 Reasons to Read the Bible in 2017

I realize that this comes about a week after the New Year has begun, but that is just enough time for you to have given up on your first set of resolutions and you are ready for something new. Let me encourage you to read the Bible all the way through in 2017. I started intentionally reading the Bible from cover to cover in 90 days back in 2007. Some years I do it once other years more than once. I also read the New Testament only several times throughout the year. 

bible-and-coffeeI don’t tell you this to brag, but to encourage you to read the Bible. As Christians we say that the Bible is the guidebook for our lives. Yet, many Christians have not read the Bible all the way through (various studies put it at about 40% completion). If it is such an important book then we should read it. We read all kinds of other works, yet our Bibles get dusty on the shelf.

There are a lot of reasons to read the Bible in 2017, here are 10:

  1. You will accomplish the lifetime goal of many Christians.
  2. It will give you the overarching view of the story of God.
  3. It will help you develop a good habit of Bible reading.
  4. It will help you understand your pastor’s sermons and your Small Group studies better.
  5. It will give you verses to use when you face temptation.
  6. It helps you grow in your relationship with God and Jesus.
  7. There is always something new to learn.
  8. It will help you live a life that honors and pleases God.
  9. It will help you defend the faith.
  10. It will give you encouragement and allow you to encourage others.

There are a lot of Bible reading plans out there, pick one and start reading!

Biblestudytools.com offers several free Bible reading plans.


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