God, Exists

item001839hThe existence of God has been the center of heated debates, not only in the philosophy class on campus, but also in the coffee houses across America. Every wants to know, does God exist? The answer isyes, God does exist. But how can we know?

Almost every theological work has the “Traditional Proofs” for the Existence of God. These are philosophical arguments that were compiled by both Christian and non-Christian philosophers. They are categorized under the following names:

1. The cosmological argument.

The cosmological argument for the existence of God begins with the basic premise that everything in the universe that exists has a cause. Thus, the universe, being a thing, also has a cause. The cause of something so great can only be God.

[In this argument one must accept that God is the first cause–that He, Himself, was not caused.]

2. The teleological argument.

The teleological argument is really a variation of the cosmological argument. It unfolds the idea that there is order, design, and harmony in the universe. This order, design, and harmony point toward an intelligent purpose. Thus, there must be an intelligent and purposeful God to design such a universe.

3. The ontological argument.

Rather than being based on observation, this argument is based on reason. To understand the ontological argument you have to begin with the premise that God is “a being than which no greater can be conceived.” Since existence is possible, and to exist is greater than to not exist, then God must exist (if God did not exist, then a greater being could be conceived, but that is self defeating—you can’t have something greater than that which no greater can be conceived!). Therefore, God must exist.

4. The moral argument.

This argument begins with our inner sense of right and wrong. Every person senses that justice needs to be carried. The argument continues that here must be a God who is the source of that right and wrong who will bring justice, to all people, one day in the future.

All of the arguments for the existence for God fall into these categories. Ultimately, we must decide for ourselves. We have to evaluate all the data and come to our own conclusion. I believe that God exists. I have looked at the evidence and am convinced of the fact that He does exist.

What do you think? Do you believe that God exists?


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