Getting Closer to the End

light at the end of the tunnel

Dear Readers,

I wanted to write a quick note today to let you all know that I am taking a short break from writing blogs. You may or may not know that I am working on my Doctorate degree, and I have finally received permission to move forward with my research. As that will take up a major portion of my time, I will not be posting as frequently as I normally do.

Thank you for your prayers and understanding during this exciting time of my life!




The Church Part 9: Qualities of a Heathy Church

Church 9

I realize that this is a loaded question. When most people think about a healthy church they think about the church they grew up in, or a church like the church they went to in their early adulthood. While we do like to reminisce about the past, that church may or may not have been healthy. So how can you know if your church is healthy? What should you be looking for? Continue reading “The Church Part 9: Qualities of a Heathy Church”

The Church Part 7b: Church Politics

Church 7b

In a previous post, I wrote about how the church is structured organizationally. In this post, I want to deal with church politics as found in power struggles and personal agendas.

When you think about church politics you might get the mental picture of people having a quiet conversation in the corner while looking over their shoulder. Others might think about a closed door, invitation only, committee meeting. Some may even picture a group of people gathering at someone’s home to talk about “the problem” at church. Continue reading “The Church Part 7b: Church Politics”

The Church Part 5: Baptism and Communion

Church 5


There are as many expressions of baptism and communion (a.k.a. The Lord’s Supper) as there are churches. The question that we must ask is, “What does the Bible say about these ordinances?” I will go ahead and tip my hand–I am a Southern Baptist. Thus, my explanation and Scriptural support will point to Baptist beliefs. However, the Bible is the ultimate authority Continue reading “The Church Part 5: Baptism and Communion”