Bible Translation Poll

I was thinking about Bible reading this morning and thought, “I wonder what Bible translation people who I am connected to use most?” So, I set up this quick poll to find out what you are reading. Thanks for your input!!!

I apologize to those who are reading this blog in countries other than the U.S.A. Your translation of preference is likely not included, but please still participate by filling out the “short answer” question at the end with your translation. Thanks!


Francis of Assisi


I was reading a book the other day that mentioned Francis of Assisi. A few days later I came across this old paper that I wrote about him in one of my seminary history classes. He is an interesting fellow. He went from an upstanding man who would inherit his family wealth and status to having his heart gripped by God Continue reading “Francis of Assisi”

Help My Unbelief!

I think everyone can identify with this father’s statement, “I believe: help my unbelief!” We often find ourselves at the crossroad of belief and action. Too often our beliefs and actions do not match up–our unbelief has overshadowed our belief.

The other day I mentioned, to someone in conversation, that not everything Christ asks us to do is easy or fun. However, we obey Him because we love Him. I gave them the illustration of marriage. Often in marriage our spouse will ask us to do something that we are not “thrilled” to do, but we do it anyway. Why? Because our love for our spouse is greater than the pain of the task.

The same is true in our relationship with Jesus. We obey Him, not because it is always fun or exciting, but because we love Him more than the discomfort of the task he gives us to complete. We believe we love Him, now we need to ask Him for help in overcoming the unbelief of our disobedience, so that we are honoring Him with our life.

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Who Created God?

Who Created God

I was asked on FaceBook, “Who Created God?”

What a fantastic question! The short answer is that no one created God, He has always existed. In Scripture we are introduced to a God who exists. He doesn’t explain anything before “In the beginning…” However, those who don’t believe the Bible will have a hard time grasping that. So, let’s try and dive a little deeper into this topic.  Continue reading “Who Created God?”