Don’t Waste Your Time Waiting

We spend a lot of our lives waiting on stuff. For instance, recently I was waiting at the dentist office. Often this is wasted time. We look around the waiting room awkwardly trying not to seem like a weirdo (I don’t think I’m fooling anyone!), or we try and pretend we are reading whatever 2012 magazine is on the side table. What can we do to make this time productive?

1. Write

Writing anything will be helpful. In fact, I am writing most of this blog as I wait! If you have a journal, write in it. If you don’t, why not?!? Journals are a fantastic way to keep your thoughts and ideas–your prayers and answers. It is a great way to see how God is working in your life and how you grow over the years.

2. Pray

Everyone always complains that they don’t have enough time to pray. Really! How much time do you waste waiting every day? I’m sure that it’s more than enough to spend some time praying. So, next time you are waiting–try praying.

3. Read

There is always a book, blog, or article that you can read to help you grow or learn something new. Use this waiting time to catch up on those things you’ve always wanted to read.

4. Call Someone

We all have that one person that we have been meaning to call but haven’t. Use the 10-15 minutes of wait time to call them. You will feel better about having that task out of the way and even better about not wasting time!

5. Update Your Calendar or Agenda

If you are like me there are things that always need to be added or changed. I have things I need to follow up on and others that I need to check off. The time you spend waiting is a great time to get your calendar up to date.

6. Make a new friend

There are people around you–waiting for the same thing you are waiting for. Start a conversation with one of them. You never know, it could be a great new friend!

7. Share the gospel

Everyone that is waiting is not going anywhere. You might as well take that captive audience opportunity and share your 3-minute testimony. If you don’t know how to, try this. (1) Share what your life was like before you met Christ, (2) Share the circumstances that lead you to trust in Christ, (3) Share how Christ has made a difference in your life since then. Make sure that you spend the most time on what Christ has done and not on glorifying how “great” you were at sinning.


So, the next time you are waiting try one of these 7 activities.


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