Do You Read The Bible Enough?


If you are like many Christians, you don’t feel like you read the Bible enough. At first glance, it may seem comforting that you are not alone in your struggle. In a very small sense, it is–58% of Americans wish they read the Bible more. However, if you feel like you are not reading your Bible enough, you probably are not.

The reality is that IF people are reading the Bible (and half of Americans say they are ‘Bible readers’- that is, they read the Bible at least three to four times a year), the stats say that about one in eight Americans read the Bible daily (13%), 14% read several times a week; 8% do so once a week, 7% read monthly, and 8% read three or four times a year.

What is fascinating is the research on how much time is spent reading the Bible for those who are reading. The typical Bible reader spends about 30 minutes reading at each sitting. One in four reads between 15 and 29 minutes (26%), and a slightly higher proportion spend between 30 and 44 minutes reading (30%). An additional 27% spend an hour or more at a time reading Scripture, but about one in eight read less than 15 minutes per sitting (13%). [1]

Where do you fall in the data?

George Muller, an avid Bible reader, wrote this when he was 71 years old:

“For the first four years after my conversion [at age 20], I made no progress, because I neglected the Bible. But when I regularly read on through the whole [Bible] with reference to my own heart and soul, I directly made progress. Then my peace and joy continued more and more. Now I have been doing this for 47 years. I have read through the whole Bible about 100 times and I always find it fresh when I begin again. Thus, my peace and joy have increased more and more.”

He lived 21 more years. A.T. Pierson, who wrote his biography, said that when he died he had read the Bible through 200 times! He really picked up his pace—5 times a year!!!

How much time are you spending in God’s word? How often do you read through it? The more time someone spends with God the greater their love and obedience will be. Let me end this post with an encouragement to read God’s word. Start today! In fact, stop reading this and go read the BIBLE!!!


[1] All Bible reading data was ascertained from the American Bible Society’s “State of the Bible” Report in 2016. The data was produced by Barna Group and can be accessed at


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