Trusting in Christ Alone for Salvation

Psalm 49:7–9 [widescreen].png

I regularly talk to people who say that they will go to heaven one day because their good will outweigh their bad. Not only is that impossible–if someone could do it, it still wouldn’t be enough. 

The Psalmist here reminds us that no MAN can ransom another man, but God can. No MAN can ransom his own life, but God provides a way.

The ransom paid for one man’s life is costly. This is precisely the reason that God needed to make the payment on our behalf. God came to earth, in the form of man, to live the perfect life that we couldn’t and pay the price we owe. Because of what Christ has done, He traded a life we don’t deserve for a death that we do. He took our punishment so that we could have a restored relationship.

Don’t think that any good you have done has helped secure for you, your salvation. We cannot pay the price–but God can. Trust in His payment today!!!


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