10 Worst Posts of 2017

10 Worst 2017

Yesterday, I made a post that had my most read posts. I thought that today I would flip it around and post my least read posts in 2017. My hope is that maybe they will get a little more press. Thankfully, WordPress keeps track of what posts get read and (sadly) which posts get no readers at all.

According to the stats, I published 155 posts, there were 1,842 visitors who viewed a total of 3,067 posts.

Here are the least read posts for 2017:

10. Your Life Displays God’s Glory
9. Through Christ Alone
8. God Sent A BABY!
7. You Have JOY! If you have the Spirit.
6. How to Pray, When You Don’t Know What to Say!
5. The Bible, Introduction/Cannon
4. Christian Joy
3. 10 Ways to show the Love of Jesus, Without Being Too Weird
2. How to Convert Biblical Measurements
1. 10 Ways to Express Gratitude


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