Heart Prep For Sunday (17 DEC 2017)

Heart Prep


Begin with a short prayer thanking God for his GREAT goodness in your life.


1 Peter 1:8-9
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Advent Love

Series: Advent
Title: The Gift of Love is found in a Manger, Not Under a Tree
Text: Matthew 1:18-23; Luke 2:30-32; John 3:14-17
Date: December 10, 2017

Advent has Begun!

Advent 2017 (4-3) Title Slide

You may hear this word a lot over the next few weeks—ADVENT—but what does it mean?

The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word which means “coming” or “arrival.” For the Christian Calendar is all about the coming, or arrival, of Christ. The timeframe for Advent is the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas (beginning December 3rd). Each week of Advent has a theme: Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. This makes sense because when Jesus arrived, He brought hope, love, joy, and peace!

Many of us have celebrated so many Christmas’ that we no longer experience the awe and glory of what God did by sending Christ. We have become numb to the story because we have heard it so many times. Do not let that happen this year.

This season—Advent—is a reminder of the amazing way that God came to rescue humanity. It calls us to ask ourselves a question, “Am I ready?’ Are you ready for the coming of Christ? I’m not talking about celebrating Christmas—I’m talking about when he comes again. If Jesus came back today, would you be ready? or are there sins in your life that you need to repent of, or people with whom you need to share your faith? Is there someone with whom you need to reconcile? Is there someone that you need to forgive?

Being prepared for when Christ comes again begins by having a relationship with Him now. If you have never trusted in Christ, Advent is a great time to get started. Any pastor in our area would love to be able to help you place your faith and trust in Jesus.

Use this Advent season to inspire you to begin preparing for the coming of Christ—not just a celebration of Christmas, but when He comes again.

Why I Still Need Jesus

I still need Jesus

About a month ago, I was blessed to successfully defend my doctoral dissertation. This means that barring something crazy happening, I will be conferred with the title of “Doctor Bass” in just a week. I know that I am really excited about it, but my wife is even more excited that I am finally finished with school.

I was thinking about what this means for me. The first thought I had was that I was persistent. What I found out about education is that you have to stick with it. Some of what they are testing is if you are able to keep up with the work. Are you going to stick with it, even when it is hard? Higher education is as much about persistence as it is about “being smart.”

The other thing that ran through my mind was that now people will be joking with me about “looking at their knee,” since I will have “doctor” ahead of my name. I have already gotten some of that and I haven’t even graduated yet. I always shoot back, “I’m not that kind of doctor.” And, by the way, I am not really that into being called “doctor”–Chris or Pastor Chris is just fine. 🙂

The final thing that I thought was I STILL NEED JESUS. It would be really easy for me, and others like me, to think that I can do ministry on my own. I mean, I have been in school a really long time, I have learned a lot about leading in church, I have had a lot of biblical knowledge taught to me. It would be so easy to just rest on what I have learned to get me through the day.

But, I still need Jesus. I need Him every moment of every day. No matter how far I think I have come, no matter what I have learned, no matter what degrees I obtain, I still need Jesus. I need Jesus because I am still a sinner. I need Jesus because I cannot do something eternal in my humanity. I need Jesus just as much today as I did a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, a decade ago, and my whole life. I have always needed Jesus and I always will.