Short Break


Dear Readers,

As you know, I am working on finishing a doctoral degree. I am set to defend my dissertation on Tuesday, October 24, 2017, at 1:00 p.m. I will need to spend some extra time in preparation for the defense, so I will be taking time off from posting new content here until after that date. Thank you for your prayers and your understanding!

Pastor Chris


Testing or Temptation, What’s the Difference?

Testing or Temptation Whats the Difference.png

We have all heard that “God does not tempt us, but he does test us.” What are testing and temptation? How can you tell the difference? and How can you have victory no matter which you are facing? Answering these questions is the aim of this post.


Let me begin with a definition. Temptation is the pressure to give in to ungodly influences that lead Continue reading “Testing or Temptation, What’s the Difference?”

Were Titus and Luke Brothers?

Titus and Luke Brothers

We were studying people of the Bible in a small group recently and were looking at Luke. We were sharing information that we knew about the man and his gospel. During the course of the discussion, someone mentioned that they had heard that Luke and Titus were brothers. I had never heard that before and it is likely that you haven’t either. So, I decided that I would dig in and find out if it was true. Continue reading “Were Titus and Luke Brothers?”

Time to Pray!

2 Chronicles 7:14 [widescreen]

Second Chronicles 7:14 came up as the verse of the day today from Logos Bible Software. What a great reminder that we need to be praying: for our country, for our states, for our countries, for our cities, for our schools, for our churches, and for our homes.

While God does not promise Continue reading “Time to Pray!”

How long should you pray for the lost?

How Long Should You Pray For The Lost.png

When was the last time you prayed for a lost person?¬†Tonight in prayer meeting we spent a good amount of time praying for the lost in our community. I believe in prayer–that it matters and that it changes things. I have prayed for a long time for some people who need to come to saving faith in Jesus, but am sometimes asked, “How long should you pray for a lost person?” Continue reading “How long should you pray for the lost?”