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Help My Unbelief!

I think everyone can identify with this father’s statement, “I believe: help my unbelief!” We often find ourselves at the crossroad of belief and action. Too often our beliefs and actions do not match up–our unbelief has overshadowed our belief.

The other day I mentioned, to someone in conversation, that not everything Christ asks us to do is easy or fun. However, we obey Him because we love Him. I gave them the illustration of marriage. Often in marriage our spouse will ask us to do something that we are not “thrilled” to do, but we do it anyway. Why? Because our love for our spouse is greater than the pain of the task.

The same is true in our relationship with Jesus. We obey Him, not because it is always fun or exciting, but because we love Him more than the discomfort of the task he gives us to complete. We believe we love Him, now we need to ask Him for help in overcoming the unbelief of our disobedience, so that we are honoring Him with our life.

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Who Created God?

Who Created God

I was asked on FaceBook, “Who Created God?”

What a fantastic question! The short answer is that no one created God, He has always existed. In Scripture we are introduced to a God who exists. He doesn’t explain anything before “In the beginning…” However, those who don’t believe the Bible will have a hard time grasping that. So, let’s try and dive a little deeper into this topic.  Continue reading “Who Created God?”


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Pentecost. What is it?

Continue reading “Pentecost?”

Be a Good Branch


What kind of fruit is your life producing? When we are connected to Christ, our life produces godly, Christlike, actions and attitudes. If our life is filled with the cares and desires of this world, we are no longer ‘abiding’ in Christ.

Use today to take a quick inventory of what your life is producing. If necessary, change where you are connecting your life to.

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God is Love, so Love Like God

How are you doing with loving others today? Too many people walk away from Jesus because Christians don’t love one another. They can get put down and made fun of everywhere else, the church should be filled with love.

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How to Convert Biblical Measurements

Have you been reading along in the Bible and wondered what all the weights and measurements would be in pounds? Here is a helpful chart from Logos Bible Software Infographics.

Weights and Measures of the Bible

Getting Closer to the End

light at the end of the tunnel

Dear Readers,

I wanted to write a quick note today to let you all know that I am taking a short break from writing blogs. You may or may not know that I am working on my Doctorate degree, and I have finally received permission to move forward with my research. As that will take up a major portion of my time, I will not be posting as frequently as I normally do.

Thank you for your prayers and understanding during this exciting time of my life!



How Was the Bible Written?


When someone asks, “How was the Bible written?” they are asking a question about, what theologians call, the inspiration of Scripture.

Systematic theologian Millard Erickson outlines five theories of inspiration: Continue reading “How Was the Bible Written?”

The Church Part 10: Do I Have to Serve?

Church 10

It has long been said that 20% of the people do 80% of the work in a church. [1] While I would like to believe that this is wrong, it continuously plays out this way in most churches. This raises the question, “Do I really have to serve in my church?” The short answer is Continue reading “The Church Part 10: Do I Have to Serve?”

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